We are a multiracial congregation of believers that embraces all persons from all walks of life. We are very passionate about reaching out to our communities with the love of Jesus Christ and equipping every believer to do the work of the ministry.


The purpose of the City Revival Church Altar Ministry is to minister to those before the Lord’s altar as the Holy Spirit directs; to receive, comfort, encourage, and edify those choosing to repent, confess Christ, join the Body of Christ, or in any other need.

The ultimate goal of altar ministry is to ensure that people have an opportunity to meet with God as He seeks to meet with them. By following the directive of the Minister, altar care workers respond by being a partner with those who either respond to a call or desire to travail and seek after God.


The vision of the Altar Ministry is to raise ministers and prayer warriors who release the anointing of the Holy Spirit to touch people with the “life flow” of God to bring a transforming, healing touch that impacts the spirit, soul and body.

The Altar Ministry is a team that understands the truth that “with” God all things are possible! Therefore, they pray with boldness and an expectation that great things happen when people pray. Because Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forevermore, they pray with an expectation that the power of God is available to impart healing, restoration, and renewal into the heart of those they pray for.

a) Qualifications for Altar Workers
  1. Altar workers show clear evidence of salvation.
  2. Altar workers display a Spirit-filled life.
  3. Altar workers sense a call to Altar Ministry.
  4. Altar workers exhibit a genuine concern for others, a passion for helping, and a caring attitude.
  5. Altar workers are committed to a strong prayer life, the study of God’s Word, connected to a cell group and regular church attendance.
  6. Altar workers display submission to God, the senior pastor, and other church leadership.
  7. Altar workers are able to maintain confidentiality.

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