Sunday Hospitality

Sunday Hospitality

This ministry is vital and important as all Christians are called to be hospitable to one another regardless of race, colour and creed. Furthermore, it is an honor to make visitors feel at home and welcome. Everyone is important and should be treated so. Hospitality Ministry in City Revival Church first started when the church was established in 2003. This department extends hospitality to new visitors.  We believe that all newcomers should be welcomed with warmth and love in a new environment.

The Hospitality Team ministers in the following capacity:

  1. Serve light refreshments for our guests/newcomers after service.
  2. Present a small welcome gift.
  3. Connect with the newcomers after service.
  4. Pray for their needs if they request.
  5. Introduce them to the cell leaders nearest to their homes.

To continue to serve with humility, love and honor.

Our Goals
  • To always be ready to serve and extend our hospitality to our guests/newcomers.
  • To ensure that our guests/newcomers experience the love of God and warmth.
  • To touch lives for God’s glory helping one another to fulfill destiny.
  • To strive to do our best in the area of hospitality through continual training and feedback.

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