Women In Touch

Women In Touch

On 17 Mar 2004, Datin Betty Saw from our church invited a group of 11 ladies to her lovely home to have coffee and fellowship. That’s how the Ladies’ Coffee Mornings began. We felt it was such a good idea to bring women together for a time of encouragement and sharing.

This is our 10th year of regular coffee mornings held once a month on a weekday. The ladies who join us are either homemakers or have flexible working hours. Attendance is around 30 ladies on the average.

For the coffee mornings, we have invited several speakers to come and share their experiences with us. We also have had several ladies sharing their testimonies as well as some recipe or creative craft with the group. Each gathering is an encouraging and uplifting time.

So that the working ladies are not left out, we have conducted many seminars on Saturday afternoons. An average of 70 ladies has attended each of these talks. Topics related to women and the challenges they face were addressed.

Also, on special occasions like Mothers Day and Christmas, hi-teas have been held at several locations to gather in a larger group of ladies to a program designed specially to celebrate women. Each hi-tea has seen an average of 100 ladies being blessed.

There is also a regular weekly Ladies’ Bible Study group which meets to study various books of the Bible and topics on Christian living. We meet on a weekday morning. This is to engage women in the Word of God as well as keep in touch with each other as they learn together.

The purpose of our Ladies’ Ministry is to help women to embrace the various roles they play and to face challenges with their eyes fixed on their God-given destiny for their lives. Through Bible studies, Word-sharing, testimonies, seminars and fellowship, we desire to raise an army of women who are strong in the Word and empowered to build His Kingdom.

Early this year, we have given our ministry a name i.e. WIT (Women In Touch). We want to be women who are in touch with our God and with other women.

Lalita Puri

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