From Good to Better !

The Young Adults Ministry started in 2007. At the end of 2011, the name of the ministry was changed to Working Adults. The purpose was to better serve the wider adult population in CRC and the community.


Our Goal : Connect ● Build ● Serve .

In future we plan to meet fortnightly to get all the WA connected and to fellowship together. We also plan to provide counselling for personal life and work issues for those with needs, to help them live healthy, think positive, stay happy and get closer to God.



2011 - Skytrex Thrill, Taman Bukit Cahaya

It was a good experience for all, building team spirit as the participants in front guided and encouraged the participants behind them to complete the course. This event was also an opportunity to invite non-Christian friends, and a few did join, to fellowship together.


2011 - “Life in a Pressure Cooker” talk by Bro Ho Cheng Leong

CEO of several companies, Bro Cheng Leong shared his experience dealing with challenges of living under pressure. He offered different perspectives on how we can have a well-balanced working and personal life and still have the time to serve God in ministry.



2012 - “Take a trip…down memory lane”, Ps. Suresh’s Crib

It was a time to reminisce old memories as each WA was asked to bring a childhood snack or favourite childhood dish and share it with others. The WAs also had the chance to relive their younger days through childhood games such as arm wrestling, “congkak”, “batu seremban”, bottle cap, hopscotch, jumping rope and tag. The WA left that night with door gifts containing Mimi and Choki-Choki, as they made their way home.


2012 - “A Christmas Delight”, Windmill Restaurant SJ

Christmas is a time of rejoicing and the WAs had a most delightful afternoon filled with a delicious western meal, “Christmas-sy” games and a mind-blowing musical performance and sharing by Bro Brad White. All WA guests were also presented with a Polaroid picture from the Christmas photo booth and a lovely door gift of an embroidered hand towel.

Working Adults also helped organise the following church events :

Nov 2012 - Children’s Christmas Party @ the Park, Subang open field SS 17/2

Feb 2013 -  Blood Donation Drive @ City Revival Office 

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