The Worship Ministry started in May 2003, the year the church began. God provided miraculously the finances to purchase our first music and sound equipment, and through the years we have continued to see God’s faithfulness in His provision.

We started with a very basic team of singers and musicians. Over the years, God has both brought in and raised a group of talented, skilled and anointed musicians and singers. At present we have a committed and dedicated worship team who are fully involved. They enjoy worship and count it an honour and privilege to serve the Lord in this area.

The worship in City Revival Church is lively, inspiring and dynamic. However, our goal is to see ourselves as a church grow and experience the very presence of God in every worship service. We desire to see the people seek God with all their heart and worship Him in Spirit and in truth. We want everyone to love God, to know Him intimately and be expressive in their worship unto Him.

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