WOW (Senior Citizen)

WOW (Senior Citizen)

WOW (Wings of Wisdom) is a ministry that is especially catered towards the senior citizens. WOW was established to enable those 55 years and above to serve and mingle with God’s people. It also provides a platform for senior citizens to utilize their God-given abilities to give back to others and to the community.

One is never too old to serve in God’s ministry, and that is what WOW is all about. Most senior citizens are retired and hence, have nothing much to do, which makes them feel bored or lonely. Through WOW, it gives each senior citizen the opportunity to bond and fellowship with one another. Friendships are formed and established. It also enables them to showcase their God-given gifts and contribute to the ministry.

Led by Sis Jenny Teh, WOW is an active ministry with many activities planned for its members. Some of the activities that were recently held included a trip to Aquaria KLCC, Brand’s factory and Beryl’s Chocolate Factory. WOW also has a worship team that comprises several guitarists, a drummer, and singers. They showcased their talents once at the church’s Sunday Service. Judging by the response of the congregation, God is definitely using the WOW worship team mightily. It shows that it’s never too late to serve and that God can still use people, regardless of age, to touch lives and bring Him glory.

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