Jesus said “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…”Matthew 28:19,20

City Revival Church takes this Great Commission of Jesus Christ seriously and is currently partnering with missions partners in 8 countries with like-minded pastors who are driven by their sole passion to see the Kingdom of God expand on earth.

In CAMBODIA, we partner with Rev. Nora Catipon. Born in the Philippines, Rev. Nora responded to a call by God to go to Cambodia. She learnt the language of the people and pioneered the Lighthouse Christian Assembly in Phnom Penh. She has also planted churches in many provinces of Cambodia. This involves building structures where people can meet regularly and training pastors to lead these congregations. Rev. Nora also runs the Cambodia School of Missions which is based in Phnom Penh. Here passionate leaders are equipped and trained as pastors then sent back to their respective villages to lead the newly planted churches.

Our church helps by sending a mission team once a year to break new ground in unreached villages and also with financial aid to sponsor the training of pastors and help in the building projects.

In CANADA, we partner with Rev. Dr. Stefan SOS, founder of the SOS Ministries International. This ministry reaches many nations all over the world. Rev. Dr. Stefan travels extensively to many countries, conducting both evangelical rallies as well as training seminars for pastors and leaders. He has a passion not only for souls but for the body of Christ to be strengthened through Bible-based teaching and equipping.

Our church supports SOS Ministries financially.

In INDIA, we partner with Ps. Isaac Joe from Chennai. He has reached many people with his music, singing and preaching not only in India but in many countries of the world. Ps. Isaac Joe conducts many evangelical concerts in and outside of India. His passion is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to see lives transformed by the power of God’s Word and love.

Our church supports Isaac Joe Ministries financially.

In LAOS, we support Ps. Nakaw Chadee. She pastors churches in Ban Khi Lek and Don Haew together with her husband. Her passion is to see the people of Laos know Jesus as well as to experience restoration.

In MYANMAR, we support Rev. Morris Hlal Lyan in Tachilek. He has planted 12 churches in the mountains and over 20 preaching points. Rev. Morris also runs a Children’s Home. With a tremendous passion for the lost, he keeps going.

In NIGERIA, we support Ps. Bright Iroka from Ekwulobia, Anambra. He was actively involved in the African Ministry of our church when he came to Malaysia as a student. Now back in Nigeria, he has graduated as a pastor and continues to actively reach his people for Christ. We have kept in touch with Ps. Bright and take pleasure in partnering with his work in Nigeria.

In PHILIPPINES, we support 2 pastors, Rev. Yee Tham Wan in Baguio and Ps. Romy in Taft, Samar Island. Rev. Tham Wan heads the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary and together with his wife Moon Tee, they train church leaders from all over the world. They also have a passion to plant churches in the Philippines.

Ps. Romy, together with his wife, pastors an AOG Church and works in partnership with Ps. Vaden (AOG Leyte) and Ps. Wayne Downie (Australia). Also with a passion to plant churches, Ps. Romy and wife have been a blessing to Taft.

In THAILAND, we support Ps. Randall Chee who has been reaching out to many areas in Northern Thailand. He has family in Malaysia and attends our church whenever he is home. Ps. Randall also oversees work in Chiangrai, Laos and Myanmar. He runs the Mae Chan Children’s Home in Northern Thailand and partners with Rev. Morris in running the Children’s Home in Tachilek, Myanmar. A tremendous passion for the poor and the lost, Ps. Randall has been reaching out to the border areas of 3 countries.

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