City Revival Kota Bharu

City Revival Kota Bharu

City Revival Church Kota Bharu was birthed in September 2004 with the purpose of fulfilling our mandate to “Impart Love, Impact Lives.” Over these years, we have experienced the faithfulness, goodness and grace of God. We are truly grateful to God for all His provision and favor, and also for the many lives that have been blessed.

We have a good Leadership Team that oversees the Church. The Team comprises of Ps Suresh, Bro Ong Tok Ming, Sis Judy Dan, Bro Ng Eng Hong and Sis Chua Sew Leng.

The Church is a great group of people of various ages and races. There are locals from Kelantan and also students who have come to study in the colleges here. The services are in English and Mandarin. We have had the privilege of some wonderful speakers come and minister to us. We have Cell Groups, prayer meetings, Youth and Children’s programs and other ministries to cater for the needs of the people.

The fellowship is amazing as we strive to encourage each other. We have organized many equipping classes and programs to build people and touch lives. Every September, we celebrate our Church Anniversary. Our Christmas program has always been awesome with the whole Church rallying together to declare the reality of Christ. Many have come and been blessed.

God has indeed provided for us. We have seen His abundant goodness and have always endeavored to sow financially into missions.

As a Church, our desire is to be a witness for Christ in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and the East Coast. We truly consider it a privilege to serve God and be a blessing to people.

Do come and join us on a Friday morning if you are in Kota Bharu. And if you know of anyone who needs a Church in Kota Bharu, do tell them to visit City Revival Church!

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