5 Reasons You Should Go For Church Camp

By Lalita Puri

5 Reasons You Should Go For Church Camp

I have been attending Church Camps every year without fail from 1995 when I started attending church regularly. I look forward each year with great expectations as I have been personally challenged and lifted in my spiritual life during church camp. I get to "soak in" God's presence and Word for a few days and that is a real treat for me. In fact, each camp has been like a milestone in my spiritual journey. I will never miss a church camp as I don't want to miss what God wants to do in me. Here are 5 reasons why you should go for Church Camp.


Annual Church Camps are the one holiday you must not miss! You go as a family to another place, you pack and stay in a hotel, you eat a variety of good food and get to enjoy different weather and even get to bring home something to remember the place. It's definitely a win-win situation. Absolutely nothing to lose in terms of enjoyment. A change is always healthy so get your family to come.


Away from your home, office, school, college means you will not be distracted by the never-ending list of things to attend to. You get 3 days to break away from routine and even turn off your phones and other electronic gadgets to refresh your souls.


Church Camps have a speacial speaker who would have spent plenty of time waiting on the Lord for a fresh "rhema" word for the people. You have the privilege of soaking in 4 sessions of spiritual food that will renew your minds and refresh your spirits. The Word of God has power to transform your life and that is what you will experience.


You will be spending 3 days together with other campers. You will be having many meals together and attending sessions together. There will be many opportunities to get to know some people and to strengthen some old friendships.


Church Camps are amazing milestones in our spiritual journey. They are opportunities to stop and refocus on our direction and spritual growth. We "recharge" our spritual "batteries" and experience revivals both at a personal level and at church level.

Do you still wonder why you should go for Church Camp? Don't hesitate.....sign up now!!!

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